Waiting On Wednesday (51) Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein

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For this week's Waiting On Wednesday I chose Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein. *Please excuse the wonky page set up. Blogger was being a Pita.

While flying an Allied fighter plane from Paris to England, American ATA pilot and amateur poet, Rose Justice, is captured by the Nazis and sent to Ravensbrück, the notorious women's concentration camp. Trapped in horrific circumstances, Rose finds hope in the impossible through the loyalty, bravery and friendship of her fellow prisoners. But will that be enough to endure the fate that’s in store for her?

Elizabeth Wein, author of the critically-acclaimed and best-selling Code Name Verity, delivers another stunning WWII thriller. The unforgettable story of Rose Justice is forged from heart-wrenching courage, resolve, and the slim, bright chance of survival.
Author: Elizabeth Wein
Title: Rose Under Fire
Series: Code Name Verity
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult
Expected Publication: September 10,2013

Why Am I waiting?

I loved Code Name Verity, it was one of my favorite books last year. When I heard the Author was coming out with a companion novel I was doing virtual somersaults in excitement. Needless to say, the moment I get my hands on a copy I'll be devouring this book. I even read on Goodreads that Maddie will make an appearance in this book which is like super cool.
That about wraps up my Waiting on Wednesday for this week. Feel free to leave me the link to your Wednesday memes  in the comments below so I can check them out as well! I love reading them all.

Out of curiosity, Will you be picking this book up? What do you think of the cover?
Have you read Code Name Verity Yet?


  1. Haven't heard of this one yet >.< I'm so lame

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  2. I haven't read Code Name Verity as I have a hard time with historical reads but I'm slowly getting used to them. This one sounds sad :-( Being stuck in a concentration camp! Such an awful time.
    My WOW

  3. Thanks for showcasing this novel! I'm reading Code Name Verity at the moment, and had no idea Elizabeth Wein had other similar books. I'll definitely be checking this one out. Happy reading!

    My WoW :)

    1. Oh sweet! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  4. I don't know what it is about that time period, but I don't like to read about it for some reason. I kinda think Pearl Harbor ruined it for me. Lol. I do love the history of the period, though, so maybe I'll give this a try. And I know plenty who enjoyed Code Name Verity so I think this one will be pretty popular. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You haven't read Code Name Verity?!? You really, really should!!

  5. How come I didn't know that Code Name Verity would get some sort of additions. Ah I can't believe it. I'm living under the rock. I'm not really big fan of war novels but I think I'll enjoy this one. Great pick :)

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    1. Code Name Verity could probably support a slew of books just based off the time period alone.

  6. This sounds like it packs an emotional punch. It sounds so tragic. Great pick!

    - Ellie at The Selkie Reads Stories

  7. Nice pick. I like the summary.

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  8. I haven't even read Code Name Verity yet but here's another book by the author. I need to read it soon! Thanks for reminding me, and this one is totally going on my pile! Awesome pick!

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  9. I've heard a lot of great reviews for Code Name Verity. I think I might need to read that one already! This one sounds great too. Thanks for sharing this. :)

    Nina @ The Book Confections

  10. I have not read Code Name Verity yet, but I have seen it in stores and it has definitely caught my eye. Will have to check it out soon!

    My WOW

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    1. You should read it at some point it's beautifully written.

  11. I haven't read Code Named Verity yet, but I do have it and I have heard great things about it. Great pick!

    Kristin @ Young Adult Book Haven

  12. Whaaa how have I not heard of this one yet?! Because I LOVED Code Name Verity. Aah, I'm so excited that Maddie might be making an appearance. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog earlier!

  13. Im not really into historical fiction, but thanks for sharing! :)
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  14. I havent heard of this one before. The cover is haunting. I might check it out.:D

    Great pick,

  15. Great choice, I will definitely read this when it comes out : )

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  16. This looks fascinating. I am embarrassed to say that I have not yet read Code Name Verity. I really need to get on that.

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  17. Code Name Verity was my favorite book of 2012 so I cannot wait to read another WWI title from Wein-absolutely thrilled to get some more information about this!

    1. It was one of my favorites as well. Such a lovely book.


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