Zurvival Saturday (50) The 5 C's of Survivability

For this weeks Zurvival Saturday I want to talk about The 5 C's of Survivability. Regardless if in a Zombie apocalypse or a Natural Disaster these 5 rules of survival will help save your life. The 5 C's of Survivability were created by one of my favorite Youtubers Dave Canterbury with Wilderness Outfitters. However, you might recognize the name if you've watched the first 2 seasons of Dual Survival on Discovery. I highly recommend subscribing to him as he has many tips and tricks not only regarding bushcraft survival but general hunting and fishing as well.

So what are The 5 C's of Survivalbility? Keep on reading to find out!

1. Cutting Tool
 Doesn't matter what type of cutting tool you have just that you always carry one with you. I personally carry on me at all times a Spyderco folding knife. This baby is small, lightweight, can clip to my belt and best of all has a super sharp blade that keeps for a long time. I really like this knife because it can cut through most materials with ease and keeps its edge through many uses which is especially useful if stuck in the woods. I'd highly suggest carrying at least a basic sharpener as well regardless of which knife you choose. 

2. Combustion Device
A combustion device can be a cigarette lighter, ferro rod, matches or magnesium.  I have a ferro rod on my keychain. It's only been used twice but I know I have it if the need arises.  A way to make fire is one of the most essential things needed for survival. You use fire to keep warm, cook food, sanitize water, it's even been known to dramatically lift moods of survivors stuck alone in the woods.

3. Container
A container can be a cup, can, canteen basically anything you can boil and carry water in will work. Which of course means stainless steel not plastic is preferable. Not only does a container help boil water but depending on the size you can make stew, coffee or teas in it as well. 

4. Cover
A cover can be a tent, tarp, large sheet of plastic even an oversized poncho or wool blanket will work. Keeping yourself warm and out of the elements is key.

5. Cordage
Cordage means rope, paracord or even bank line. Cordage is useful for many things from fishing, trapping to setting up a shelter, storing your pack in a tree it can even be used to make impromptu snow shoes if the need arises. My personal preference is para cord just because it can hold an insane amount of weight but also its really cheap to just buy 100 feet and toss it into your bag. I have a nifty paracord bracelet (I wear if hiking/ keep attached to my purse if in town) that my husband made me. I know if the need arises I can cut off the clip and have roughly 40 feet of cordage on me. Mines a double with design as opposed to single but the picture gives you an idea of how to carry cordage with you in every day life.

Follow these 5 C's of Survivalbility and dramatically increase your chances of making it out of any situation alive!!

That about wraps up this weeks Zurvival Saturday.  Have any questions??  Leave them in the comments below and I'll try and answer them for you.  To learn more about The 5 C's Of Survivabilty I've linked his video below. He goes into way more depth than I have and also shows many examples of different products you can use to fit your lifestyle and budget!

*All references, credits and copyrights concerning The 5 C's of Survivability belong  to Dave Canterbury and the Pathfinder School llc..


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