Audiobook Review: The Prey by Andrew Fukuda

Author: Andrew Fukuda
Series: The Hunt #2
Genre: Vampires, Paranormal, Young Adult
Format: Audiobook
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: January 29, 2013

For Gene and the remaining humans—or hepers—death is just a heartbeat away. On the run and hunted by society, they must find a way to survive in The Vast... and avoid the hungry predators tracking them in the dark. But they’re not the only things following Gene. He’s haunted by the girl he left behind and his burgeoning feelings for Sissy, the human girl at his side.

When they discover a refuge of exiled humans living high in the mountains, Gene and his friends think they’re finally safe. Led by a group of intensely secretive elders, the civilisation begins to raise more questions than answers. A strict code of behavior is the rule, harsh punishments are meted out, young men are nowhere to be found—and Gene begins to wonder if the world they’ve entered is just as evil as the one they left behind. As life at the refuge grows more perilous, he and Sissy only grow closer. In an increasingly violent world, all they have is each other... if they can only stay alive.

Andrew Fukuda's The Hunt was one of my favorite books last year so when I had the opportunity to buy both The Hunt and The Prey on Audiobook on sale I jumped at the chance. I want to get the technical aspects of the Audiobook out of the way before getting into the guts of the review. First off, I loved the narrator his voice was perfect and had a creepiness to it that played nicely against the story. I also loved that I could identify the male and female characters easily. I never had trouble distinguishing between whom was speaking and that was a big plus. Considering this was my very first Audiobook (since I'd already read The Hunt I skipped listening to it and went straight to The Prey), I'm very happy with my purchase.

Now let's take a look at the story shall we? The Prey picks up almost immediately after The Hunt ended. Gene, Sissy, and the boys have successfully avoided the duskers and have made their way to an abandoned cabin in the woods. Much to the groups surprise they find a heper girl who takes them to a village filled with other Humans like them. At first they think the mission is the land of milk and honey Gene's father promised but soon the group learns it is anything but. 

Sounds good right? Well yes, it was to a point. The first 80% of the book was great. I loved the creepy mission, finding out the origin's origin (say that 3x fast) and even the obvious turn Sissy and Gene's relationship was heading. I did find the pacing to be a bit slow but I think that was in part to not being used to Audiobooks.

 However, at the 81% mark the book did something so inconceivable that I nearly deleted the story right on the spot. Without revealing too much, the problem is Sissy. The group just escapes this horrible situation and is finally making it's way to the actual land of milk and honey when Sissy has this mother Theresa moment and decides the crazy, creepy village needs saved. This was pretty much my reaction when this happened.

The whole let's keep Gene safe which was repeated about a million times throughout the story was thrown out the window all because Sissy would feel guilty leaving them to fend for themselves. I'm sorry but what?!? These people have drugged, beat, maimed and tried to rape you and you still think they deserve help??
Sure some of the girls were more innocent then others but they made their choice when they decided to follow the elders in the first place. Guilt by association definitely applies this time. The group heading back was truly the worst possible turn the book could take. Least that's what I thought until I read the end. Since it would give way to big a spoiler away if I posted this you're just going to have to image what it is. I will however say that the big AH HA moment for Gene had my eyes rolling so very hard. Also c'mon why couldn't they ration the damn peaches?? Why give each person 1 can when they had no clue how long that food needed to last.  That bugged me as well.

Had the book not taken the turn it did I might've ended up loving The Prey. However, even upon relistening to the last half again I can't justify this turn in events for these characters. Sissy better redeem herself in the next book or die a painful death that would work as well. Will I continue this series? Yes. Would I recommend this Audiobook? Yes.  Andrew Fukuda is a talented writer which is why his series translates so well as an Audiobook. However, I have warned you the end might make you see Red so be prepared. With that being said, I will be rating The Prey ★★★. 


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