Review: Disarming (Reign Of Blood #2) by Alexia Purdy

Author:Alexia Purdy
Genre: Post Apocalyptic,Vampires
Series: Reign Of Blood #2
Publication: December 28,2012
Publisher: Lyrical Lit Publishing 
Copy Provided By: Author

The world has changed. One must adapt to survive or hold on to the crumbling shards of humanity.

April continues to hold her fragile world together, but the ties that hold her family together are quickly unraveling. Rumors of a massive human underground settlement draw her to the shadows of the city once more in search of other survivors more like her, even with the hybrid vampires opposing her every move.

The darkness hides secrets along with the continued threat the Feral Vampires create, but a greater evil hides within the city. Something tells April that the humans will be less than welcoming of her, and that's if she can find them before the Vampires do. Joining sides with the enemy might be the only choice she has left.

Disarming picks up pretty much where Reign Of Blood finishes. April and her family are safe and she has Rye by her side. However, all isn't sunshine and rainbows for April. The Ferals are still a problem and her mother Helen seems to be retreating into herself a little more each day. When April spots Humans on a stakeout with Rye she has a new goal. Find out who they are and where they live. Most importantly of all are they friend or foe??

I loved that Disarming picked right up where it left off. It didn't feel like much time had past and that allowed me to settle back into this world nicely. However, right off the bat April drove me crazy. I get that she doesn't want to admit she has feelings for anyone let alone a smoking hot hybrid vampire but my goodness girl get over it. You have your family, your health and your life. Enjoy what time you do have on the planet. I will never get the angst some girls have. It's like they can't function unless they are moody or possibly pmsing 24/7. Now besides April's attitude and the fact she calls her mother Helen instead of Mom which is all sorts of weird I didn't actually mind her. 

One of the best parts of Disarming was getting to see flashbacks of the night this whole crazy Vampire apocalypse started. Also go mom being smart enough to realize not to drink the water just in case that was how the virus was transmitted. Were also introduced to April's friend Sarah who I could tell wasn't just introduced as a mere background player. Still it was nice seeing her actually show affection to someone other than her own family. 

Now I have a pretty easy time seeing how books will turn out. Disarming surprised me though not only once but twice!! I won't give it away but Hello Christian!! I loved this pairing in Reign Of Blood even though he and April were enemies so imagine my surprise when he popped up again! Also the "Villain" of the story was a shock. Shame it wrapped up so quickly. Although, where there is a would presume a King shouldn't be to far behind as well. Least that's my take on the situation.

Overall, I really enjoyed Disarming. The book had plenty of action, drama, romance and mystery that  kept me guessing right up until the end. Would I recommend it however?? Yes!! I love this world and Disarming definitely kept the momentum going nicely. I'm really looking forward to the next books release whenever that may be. That being said, I will be rating Disarming by Alexia Purdy ★★★★.


Since this book has a trailer I'm going to link it below in case anyone wants to check it out!
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