Review: Quarantine: The Saints by Lex Thomas

Author: Lex Thomas
Series: Quarantine #2
Genre: Survival, Young Adult, Horror
Format: E-Book
Publisher: Egmont USA
Copy Provided By: Netgalley
Expected Publication: July 9, 2013


A cross between the Gone series and Lord of the Flies, Quarantine #2: The Saints contunues this frenetically paced and scary young adult series that illustrates just how deadly high school can be.

Nothing was worse than being locked in—until they opened the door...
McKinley High has been a battle ground for eighteen months since a virus outbreak led to a military quarantine of the school. When the doors finally open, Will and Lucy will think their nightmare is finished. But they are gravely mistaken.

As a new group of teens enters the school and gains popularity, Will and Lucy join new gangs. An epic party on the quad full of real food and drinks, where kids hookup and actually interact with members of other gangs seemed to signal a new, easier existence. Soom after though, the world inside McKinley takes a startling turn for the worse, and Will and Lucy will have to fight harder than ever to survive.
The Saints brings readers back to the dark and deadly halls of McKinley High and the QUARANTINE series.

Quarantine: The Saints picks up pretty much right where the first book ended. Running towards freedom Will and his entire group of Loners have almost made it out when the unthinkable happens and they are locked back inside. Dejected and starving Will, Lucy and the handful of Loners left return to the stairwell they call home to regroup. Since the majority of the Loners did make it outside Will quickly finds himself back on the bottom of the food chain and is close to starvation when new guy asks Will to join his group The Saints.  Tired of living on the fringe and delirious from hunger Will has no choice but accept. However, acceptance comes with a price and for Will, that might just mean losing his life.

I admit I actually had forgotten the ending of the first book so it took me a page or two to realize what was going on. While the story in Quarantine: The Saints did progress I was a bit disappointed that they were still trapped in the school. It would have been nice to see the main characters escape only to realize that it was safer to return then try and survive outside. Or at the very least have them trapped outside but still essentially in Quarantine as the outside of the school could have had a huge multi-story wall built around it. Then the story could've been them trying to either break back in or find a way out.

Now I know it sounds like I didn't like the story but I assure you I did. I really enjoy the writing and the characters. However, I feel also that the story inside the school is over. It is time to get these characters outside and exploring. No more "graduation" or trying to fight with each other over supplies. I want to see people head in different directions no longer bound by titles like Freaks, Sluts, Pretties etc.. I want to see them find other teens who managed to escape or visit their parents homes only to realize they've moved on without them. I also think its high time we see some adults die. Maybe the teens become organized and start an Army where it becomes an us vs. them scenario. Just give me something beside the damn school!!

So what did I like about Quarantine: The Saints? I really enjoyed the character Lucy.  Her progression from Pretty to loner to slut has been great. I think she's really found a good place to be at and I can't wait to see where her character heads in the next book. I also liked that Will finally came into his own. In the first book he was more David's annoying little brother. In The Saints he grew from boy to man, quite literally actually. Lastly, I really enjoyed the ending. Those last few chapters were jam packed with action, romance, terror and mystery. Also the end has some face ripping. OMG guys I nearly lost my lunch. I read Horror like I drink water and even I found that scene disturbing.

Overall, I'm happy with the sequel. Sure, it wasn't perfect but it did hold my attention and I read it in one sitting quite quickly. I definitely hope the sequel moves out from the school but even if it doesn't I know I'll still read it. I need to know what happens. If you like survival horror with a Battle Royale feel then you need to pick this one up. With that being said, I will be rating Quarantine: The Saints by Lex Thomas ★★★★.

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