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Author: Krista McGee
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopian
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: July 9, 2013

Thalli has fifteen minutes and twenty-three seconds left to live. The toxic gas that will complete her annihilation is invading her bloodstream. But she is not afraid.

Thalli is different than others in The State. She feels things. She asks questions. And in the State, this is not tolerated. The Ten scientists who survived the nuclear war that destroyed the world above believe that emotion was at the core of what went wrong—and they have genetically removed it from the citizens they have since created. Thalli has kept her malformation secret from those who have monitored her for most of her life, but when she receives an ancient piece of music to record as her community’s assigned musician, she can no longer keep her emotions secreted away.

Seen as a threat to the harmony of her Pod, Thalli is taken to the Scientists for immediate annihilation. But before that can happen, Berk—her former Pod mate who is being groomed as a Scientist—steps in and persuades the Scientists to keep Thalli alive as a test subject.

The more time she spends in the Scientist’s Pod, the clearer it becomes that things are not as simple as she was programmed to believe. She hears stories of a Designer—stories that fill her mind with more questions: Who can she trust? What is this emotion called love? And what if she isn’t just an anomaly, but part of a greater design?

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Emma McGee Interviews Berk
Emma McGee (EM), Krista’s 14-year-old daughter (KM), interviews Berk (B) – the seventeen-year-old Scientist-in-Training from Anomaly.

EM: Wow, you are seriously cute.
B: Well…thank you?
EM: No, I mean, like really cute. So much cuter than the boys in my school.
B: I am not really sure what to say in response to that.
EM: You even talk cute. That’s so cute!
Krista McGee (KM): Emma, stop flirting and start interviewing.
EM: Fine, but technically, Mom, he isn’t real, so it isn’t flirting. Right, Berk?
B: I suppose.
EM: What kind of name is Berk, anyway?
B: It’s short for berkelium.
EM: Well, thanks, that clears it right up.
B: Good.
EM: That was sarcasm. What in the world is berkelium?
B: It’s an element on the period table of elements.
EM: Of course it is. So you’re named after an element.
B: We all are. Thalli, for instance, is short for thallium.
EM: Oh, yeah. You kind of have a thing for Thalli, right?
B: A thing?
EM: You like her?
B: I enjoy her company, yes.
EM: You know, Mom wrote Thalli to look just like me. So if you like Thalli, then it would only be logical that you’d like me. Right?
B: I have not seen Thalli for five years.
EM: Why not?
B: I left Pod C when I was twelve so I could study with the Scientists.
EM: Cute and smart. Do you like Taylor Swift?
B: Excuse me?
KM: Emma, the interview!!
EM: Fine. Sorry. I just really wish you weren’t fictional. Really, really wish. But whatever. All right, so…you’re studying with the Scientists?
B: I am.
EM: Why?
B: Because I will one day take over.
EM: Because Scientists rule your world.
B: Yes, they are known as The Ten and they maintain peace and order in the State.
EM: So what do you do all day?
B: Every day is different. Right now, for instance, I am studying with Dr. Spires, learning about the water filtration system.
EM: Sounds like fun.
B: Fun?
EM: Sarcasm again.
B: I’m afraid you are using terms I am unfamiliar with.
EM: Forget it. So what do you do for fun…or, uh, for not-work?
B: When I am not working, I am resting. Productivity is paramount in the State.
EM: You work and sleep? That’s it??
B: What else is there?
EM: Oh my goodness. My mother has sucked the joy out of life. What are you thinking, Mom? This poor boy needs to go out. Now.
KM: Emma, it’s a book.
EM: Where your main guy works and sleeps and has never heard of sarcasm?
KM: Thus the genre, dystopian – meaning dysfunctional world.
EM: Dysfunctional is right. He doesn’t even know who Taylor Swift is! Just let me take out. He can go to the mall with my friends. Hannah, Nicole and I can totally introduce him to fun. And sarcasm. And Taylor Swift.
KM: I knew this was a bad idea. I apologize, Berk. Go ahead back to work. Best of luck learning to run the world.
B: Thank you. Good bye, Emma.
EM: The mall, Mom? Just for a few hours? Pleeease?
KM: This interview is over.

Author Bio & Follow Links
Krista McGee’s passion to see teens excited about serving God is a driving force behind her novels. Ever since college when she spent a summer working at a youth camp, McGee knew she wanted to invest in teenagers. Since then she’s been involved in a variety of youth ministries and currently teaches at a Christian school in Tampa, FL.

McGee broke into the writing world during her time in Spain. A friend encouraged her to submit an article to a Christian girls’ magazine, and it got published. Once her family moved back to Tampa, she got the idea for her first novel, First Date, a modern take of the story of Esther. Her subsequent books, Starring Me and Right Where I Belong, are based on Rebekah and Ruth.

When Krista McGee isn’t living in fictional worlds of her own creation, she spends her days as a wife, mom, teacher and coffee snob.

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  1. I came across this tour the other day and the more I read about Anomaly the more I want to read it. Thank you for the fun character interview, I am looking forward to more.

    1. Don't forget to enter the tour giveaway. Krista McGee is giving away 5 print copies of Anomaly!!


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