Booking Through Thursday (34) Summer Reading Redux

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This Week BTT Asks:
Do your reading habits change in the summer? Do you take your books outside more? Do you curl up in the air conditioning? Do you read fluff instead of serious books? Are you too busy playing in the sun or gardening or whatever to read much at all?

You know my habits don't really change much through the seasons. I mostly read inside but if the day is just to nice I am not opposed to reading outside. I think the biggest change to my reading schedule in the summer is that I'm more likely to read more books I own as opposed to just focusing on review books. Since it's summer I can fit more books into my day since I can sleep as late as I want and more importantly so can the kids!! Yeah so that's pretty much it. Not an exciting response but it's the truth lol.


Now for my questions:
Do your reading habits change in the Summer?
 What are some of your favorite Summer reads?
Are you an indoor or outdoor reader in the Summer?

 Leave me your answers in the comments below. I love reading your responses!


  1. I find I read a lot less in the summer because things are so busy and I'm not cooped up inside like I am in the winter.

    1. I hate the heat so unless I'm swimming or doing something fun like the Zoo I hide inside lol.

  2. It's the only time of the year when I can be outside as much as I want without being cold. Being in Alberta where it gets up to -40C (-40F) but it feels like -45C (-49F) and trust me, that's a BIG difference, I take advantage of the summer and do anything and everything outside! I rarely even use my stove and oven and just usually barbecue outside! :D

    Thanks for viewing my blog earlier.
    Andrea K. @ Books and Bindings
    Booking Through Thursday

    1. Oh I can totally understand wanting to be outside then. Especially since I doubt it rarely crests into the 100's which if my conversion is correct is around 38C+

  3. I seem to read in pretty much the same pace all year long, but when I was younger, summers were my reading time.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Lazy summer days filled with snoozing and reading are perfect. My main holidays are over Christmas so providing I can beat the heat, I get lots of books read. Here's mine Backchatting Books BTT

  5. I love it! Most of us who are big readers just keep right on reading summer or not. LOL Here's my btt post


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