Trailer Tuesday (62) Survive by Alex Morel & Bait by J. Kent Messum

Trailer Tuesday is a Weekly Blog Post hosted by me at Blood Sweat and Books. Each week I choose two Book Trailers to showcase. One Trailer will be for an upcoming book and the other will be one that has already been released. This week I focus my spotlight on Survive by Alex Morel & Bait by J. Kent Messum.

Available Now:
Survive by Alex Morel
Jane is on a plane on her way home to Montclair, New Jersey, from a mental hospital. She is about to kill herself. Just before she can swallow a lethal dose of pills, the plane hits turbulence and everything goes black. Jane wakes up amidst piles of wreckage and charred bodies on a snowy mountaintop. There is only one other survivor: a boy named Paul, who inspires Jane to want to fight for her life for the first time.

Jane and Paul scale icy slopes and huddle together for warmth at night, forging an intense emotional bond. But the wilderness is a vast and lethal force, and only one of them will survive.

Expected Publication: August 27, 2013
No one is coming to your aid. We have ensured this.

Six strangers wake up on a remote island in the Florida Keys with no memory of their arrival. They soon discover their sole common bond: all are heroin addicts from the slums of Miami. As their excruciating withdrawal begins, the six face their captors across open water. The four shadowy figures on the yacht are dangerous predators who know that their victims’ need never falters—and that the creatures that swim beneath the waves have equally rapacious appetites. So begins a dangerous game. The six must make an impossible choice—swim to the next island, where a cache of the purest heroin awaits, or die trying. Alliances form among them that may seal their fate—or extend it. As the fight to survive intensifies, the astonishing motivations of the men onboard the boat emerge, raising the stakes to towering heights. An adventure that pin­points the distance between fragility and strength, Bait pulls the reader in deep.

What do you think of the Trailers?
Have you read Survive yet? If so, what did you think?
Have you heard of Bait? If so, Will you be reading it?

Just for fun: 
If you were forced to survive in the wild, What 3 items would you hope to have with you?

Leave your answers in the comments below, I love reading your responses!
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  1. I haven't heard of either of these let alone read them, but Survive sounds so good. I like characters with issues and Jane seems to have many. Great post :)


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