Review: Days of Love and Blood by R.S. Carter

Author: R.S. Carter
Genre: Horror, Post Apocalyptic, Romance
Publication Date: January 21, 2013

A post-apocalyptic zombie book for women.

Without the zombies.

Worse than zombies.

The Demon Virus spreads worldwide in a matter of days leaving nothing but a few uninfected people in its path along with disease-riddled survivors who possess homicidal tendencies.

Carson drives across the country, back to her parents’ farm, with her son Ronan to begin a new life in a post-apocalyptic world. There she discovers more uninfected people like herself and attempts to build new relationships after the devastating loss of her husband.

Two men distract Carson from her grief, each possessing different characteristics that she found, loved and needed in her husband. Cooper has a bad attitude but gives Carson the space she needs with his self-sufficient, independent ways. Ben panders after her but exhibits a kindness she appreciates. Neither of them embody all of which she lost in her husband’s death.

The need for human interaction intertwines with the daily struggle of tribulation, remorse and adjustment, revolving around the constant battles between the uninfected and the last remaining homicidal maniacs. Days of Love and Blood is a story which examines the bonds created between people in times of change with an unexpected shocking end that will have you questioning your own threshold for pain.

If The Crazies and The Walking Dead had a baby with the Lifetime Movie Network you'd have the book Days of Love and Blood. The characters felt familiar, the romance was predictable and the "Zombies" well they aren't really Zombies at all and yet, I didn't care. Days of Love and Blood might not be the most original book on the shelf but it still entertained me and when it comes down to it that is what matters. 

Days of Love and Blood managed to not only reel me in but keep me hooked until the very last page and at least part of that is due to likeable characters. I really liked Carson. She kicked ass yes but was so much more than a heartless killing machine. Carson had layers and just when I thought I'd figured her out she'd surprise me and reveal more about herself that I didn't see coming. The only downside I had with Carson came towards the end of the book. I don't want to give why away but it just didn't sit right with me. I'm not saying she deserved what happened but......well I'll let you form your own opinion on that one.

I also really liked the world building. Yes, the story mainly takes place after The Demon Virus wipes out humanity but we certainly get to see plenty of the life in the before as well. I think my only complaint in regards to world building is the story spent way to much focusing on Carson and her relationship with Ritchie. If he had been around more at the beginning I might feel differently but the story takes place months after his demise. I didn't see it as building up Carson as a character but instead tearing down her husband to justify her relationship with Cooper. 

Overall, I really liked Days of Love and Blood. The writing, the characters and the story were solid. I didn't even mind the romantic aspects of the story and that's saying something. My only real complaint is the ending. I really hated how everyone seemed to treat Carson as a pariah. Hello? She was completely justified in her actions. I'll never understand the logic that seemed to be going on during those last few pages.  I also feel as if the story could've been tied up better as it did leave me feeling a bit unsatisfied.  I don't remember if this is a stand alone or series but I'm hoping it is a series because I definitely feel more story is left to tell. We need a cure still after all!! With that being said, I will be rating Days of Love and Blood by R.S. Carter ★★★★.

 *Copy provided by Author for review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any which way for providing them.  

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