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This Week BTT Asks:
If you had all the time in the world, what would you read?

If I could just sit and read for hours on end with no need for sustenance or sleep I think I would spend my days reading all those ridiculously long series that I've never seemed to quite get around to reading in the past.

Want some examples? Of course you do! Let's see....

The Warriors series by Eric Hunter (29 books, a manga and still going)
 I remember hearing about this series when I was young but never started it. I'd like to some day though. 

The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson (8 books and a manga)
 I read the first book years ago before it was even clear if this would be a series or not but for some reason have never been compelled to finish the rest. I did enjoy that first one though. 

A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin (5 book, 3 prequels, 2 planned)
Yup I've never started this series. Sadly with the show I'm not really compelled to because I'd like to be surprised with what comes up instead of spoiled. Some day though...

Gone series by Michael Grant (6 books and a possible TV series)
I can't really say why I haven't started this series. I own the first 2 books but haven't read them yet. I really should one of these days.

Also I'd really love to finally read all the Fear Street books by R.L. Stine even though many will probably seem cheesy scary to me now that I'm older. I've probably read well over half but I know I haven't read all. So yeah that would definitely be a series I'd tackle for sure.

Now for my questions:
If you could read all day would you choose series or stand alone books?
 Depending on your answer,care to share a few that would be on your TBR?

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