Zurvival Saturday (91) Review: The MidAmerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment by Better Hero Army

This week I'll be reviewing the 2013 release The MidAmerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment by Better Hero Army. 

Author: Better Hero Army
Genre: Zombies, Horror
Publication Date: September 9, 2013


When Tom, the son of a powerful Senator, becomes stranded in the Plagued States of America while searching for his lost sister, his only hope of survival rests in the hands of a few grizzled veteran zombie hunters and a mysterious half-breed zombie woman he thinks may know where to find his sister.

The MidAmerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment follows the story of a guy named Tom who many years after losing his sister Larissa in the wastelands of America sets out for the Plagued States determined to find her.

One of the best things about this book is the character Tom. After spending years in safety he's forced to go back into the madness to gather supplies for his father. He tries to make the best out of his situation but is clouded with so much guilt over losing his sister years before that his sole focus really becomes obsessed with finding her. That is until things go wrong, his brother Gary abandons him to save his own neck and oh yeah, he becomes stranded in a hellish nightmare surrounded by Zombies who want nothing more than to make a meal of his flesh. From that point on Tom really snaps out of it and becomes the man and leader he was born to be. He might be an unlikely hero in the beginning but by the end I was certainly rooting for him.

I also really liked the character Penelope. She reminded me of R from Warm Bodies except she's obviously female and been kept as a slave since turning into a Zombie many years before. Her predicament is what was really unique. Since she is a hybrid of sorts she can't be among the humans but also the Zombies don't want her and will in fact eat her if she gets to close. It's quite the conundrum and one that will surely only get more complicated as the series goes on.

Lastly, I really loved how fast paced the book was. I hit the ground running reading this book and didn't stop until the very end. Now granted it's not a long book only coming in at 162 pages but still it's rare as of late for me to one shot any type of story even a Zombie one which is of course my favorite genre.

Now even though I really enjoyed this story, I do have one small complaint and that is the end. I get why Tom makes the decision that he does but it also sort of felt anti-climactic after all he had been through. Yes it might not of been the HEA he or by extensions his family were looking for but surely knowing would put many minds at ease. Mostly I just think his decision was selfish despite his reasoning.

Final Thoughts
If you're looking for a Zombie book with a twist on the old then The MidAmerica Zombie Half-Breed experiment is for you. Would I recommend it? Yup. Will I be reading it's sequel? Certainly. With that being said, I'll be rating The MidAmerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment by Better Hero Army  ★★★★.

 *Copy purchased.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in an which way  for providing them.


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  1. I haven't heard of this one but this story sounds really interesting. I like the characters and the whole idea too. Now I'm really curious about that ending. Great review :)

    1. It was really interesting in some ways due to how humans have found to co-exist with the Undead. Although it's pretty clear that even the safe havens have limits.


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