Just a quick update

This weekend I broke my charger port on my laptop. My husband will be trying to fix it tonight with the port from another laptop but should it not work or be incompatible I might not be updating as much until I can get to Best Buy next weekend. I can post on my Nook as I'm doing so atm but its not the easiest thing to do although I'll use it if I have to. Anywho I hope you all had lovely weekends. We went to see Into the Storm, it was really good, if you like disaster films that is lol. I also received A Time To Die in the mail by Author Nadine Brandes and I'll be reading that soon hopefully. Guess that's about it for now.



  1. Oh no! That's no good. I wouldn't even use my Nook. LoL what a pain. I hope your husband is able to fix the port for you.

  2. Dude, that sucks! Katie killed her Kindle on Friday night, but I contacted customer service and they're already sending a replacement...should be here tomorrow so she's only been without Minecraft for a few days. :) Hope you get it worked out...I don't think I could try to post from my Kindle, way too time-consuming for me, lol.


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