Zurvival Saturday (111) International Zombie Films

This week I want to share with you some International Zombie movies that have caught my eye recently.

First up is 2013's The Returned. This film is unique in that it starts well after the Zombie Apocalypse has happened. When a rare and difficult to obtain medicine that delays the effects of a zombie plague runs low, a physician and her infected husband go on the run to avoid angry demonstrators. This Spanish made film had limited US release but can be found on most streaming services.

Want to learn more about The Returned? Click Here.

Next up is the Hindi Comedy,  Go, Goa, Gone. The film follows friends, Hardik and Luv living with their roommate/friend Bunny. After Hardik loses his job and Luv gets dumped by his girlfriend, both decide to tag along with Bunny to Goa to relax. In Goa, Luv falls for the beautiful Luna, and she invites the guys to a rave party, organised by the Russian mafia, which is being held on a secluded island. At the party a new drug, D2RF, is launched. The next morning, the three roommates find that the island has been infected by the "living dead" (zombies), and the three men and Luna decide to stay together in hopes of surviving.

Want to learn more about Go, Goa, Gone? Click Here.

Theatre of the Dead is an Australian Horror Thriller. The story follows a dance troupe trapped in their theatre by the Zombie Apocalypse. The group discover that the threat doesn't just lie beyond the chained doors, and that there are indeed worse things than being torn apart by critics.

Want to learn more about Theatre of the Dead? Click Here.

Last up is the British film, Utopia. The concept of this film was inspired by Bjørn Alexander Brem's life and nightmares - the combination of being a lawyer in daytime and GOTHMINISTER at night drives him eventually insane and it becomes impossible for him to separate reality from imagination. The other GOTHMINISTER members Chris Dead (drummer), Icarus (guitars) and Turbo Natas (guitars) also take part in this nightmarish world filled with undead walkers, witches, werewolves and monsters. I've actually never seen this one but it looks cool and I do plan on watching it once I track down a copy.

Want to learn more about Utopia? Click Here.

Out of curiosity, Have you seen any of the above? 
If so, What did you think of them?

 Leave me your answers in the comments below or feel free to tweet me them @Hermyoni  

Well that about wraps up this weeks Zurvival Saturday. Like what you see? Please share! I thank you if you do.  Want to check out past Zurvival Saturday's? Click Here


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