Zurvival Saturday (115) Movie Review: The Returned (2013)

Hey ya'll it's been quite some time since I've reviewed well, anything but after watching The Returned I just knew I had to dust off the old computer cobwebs and write down my thoughts about it. I've put off watching this movie for such a long time and finally this past week I decided to finally sit my butt down and view it on Netflix, yay!!

Release Date: October 18, 2013
Director: Manuel Carballo
Country: Spanish-Canadian
Run Time: 98 Minutes
Genre: Drama, Zombies, Thriller

A couple (Emily Hampshire, Kris Holden-Ried) flee after supplies of a protein used to treat a zombie virus run low, and all those infected are ordered to report to a secure medical facility.

The Returned was a film I had been putting off viewing for a very long time despite having it in my Netflix queue for what felt like years. As some of you probably know a few years back their was a French film released with the exact same name so naturally I thought this would probably be just like that or at least very similar. While I guess it was in some ways (dead being brought back to life, some people accepting them while others shunned them) it was, in other way  so much better and here's why:

First off I want to say that this isn't really a Zombie film but more a Documentary of sorts of the aftermath of a Zombie apocalypse years down the road. What I liked about that was the fact we didn't have to see Undead trolling the streets to know that they had a profound effect on the shaping of this future world. Plus we know that while society has mostly returned to normal, the Zombie infection has not fully been contained and new cases do occasionally pop up. 

Another thing I really enjoyed about this film were the characters. No stereotypical bad ass and supremely buff leads here but just normal every day people trying to live life in the best possible way they know how. Kate, the female lead, was a Doctor whom worked in The Returned ward of the local hospital and Alex her partner was a Music teacher whom through one small act of kindness winds up infected and returned.  You could really feel the struggle of this couple wanting to be happy but knowing that eventually his status would put them at risk. 

Lastly, I really enjoyed the ending of this film. It was realistic and yet heartbreaking after all the struggles both characters go through. I did not however like the last few moments. In my opinion it sort of cheesed up the story by her suddenly transforming into this wannabe assassin. I think I would of preferred her just locking Amber up away from her drugs and when her husband opens the door to release her she'd have turned killing him but hey, maybe that's just me. 

All in all The Returned is a solid film and one that I'll no doubt be adding to my Zombie collection to rewatch in the future. The writing was good, the acting decent and I'd say it's definitely a step above B movie status.  If you have Netflix or just feel like renting it I highly suggest checking this one out if you ever get the chance. With that being said, I'll be rating The Returned ★★★★.

Out of curiosity, Have you heard of this Movie? 
If you have, What do you think of the ending?

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