Dear Diary: Confessions From A Blogger (25) How NOT to be a bad blogger

We all know what goes on behind the scenes at our own blogs but rarely do we lift the curtain and share those experiences and thought processes with others. Dear Diary: Confessions From A Blogger stems from the curiosity. This week I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how NOT to be a bad blogger.

Here is my confession: 

Hello again my lovelies! This week I had intended to talk about bloggers selling ARC's but honestly, I just couldn't bring myself to write a full length post about it. Every year it seems some idiot decides they are above reviewing law (it's a real thing yo) and is caught selling ARC's. It doesn't even really surprise me anymore when allegations come to light (sad, I know). So instead of a long winded rant about said idiots, I decided that I'd share my tips and tricks how NOT to be a bad blogger. 

In no particular order...

5.) Do not complain about books you received for review. Books cost money to produce, even when they are ARC's. They also sometimes are sent way before release so artwork might not be finalized yet. Complaining about an unfinished copy being sent to you or a digital version when you wanted a paperback someone else may have received makes you sound covetous and will probably make authors pass you by in the future. 

Instead, DO promote the ever loving shiz out of the book, review it honestly and make sure to give a big thank you to the publisher and author for choosing you to receive it. 

4.) Don't plagiarize content. Listen, were all bloggers, we all eventually talk about the same issues or gush equally over the same pretty covers but straight up copying and pasting another bloggers work is not cool and never OK. 

Instead, ask around for ideas if you can't think of any for yourself. Better yet, find something you're passionate about and just start writing. Before you know it, you'll have an article ready to share with thoughts and feelings all your own. 

3.) Never commit to a deadline you can't keep just to receive free books or swag. 

Instead, be open and honest about your review policy. If you cannot finish a book within the allotted time don't be afraid to email the Author or Publisher and tell them so. Yeah, they might not be happy but 9/10 they are understanding and at least grateful that you kept the lines of communication open. 

2.) Don't tweet an Author a negative review. Do you like being told you're worthless and a waste of space? Didn't think so. Why would you feel an Author would then? Sharing your opinions is OK and encouraged but being a  dickhead who makes sure that the Author can't escape from seeing your oh so important opinions about their work is not. 

Instead,  DON'T be a dickhead. Think before you act. It's pretty simple really. 

1.) Don't sell ARC's. I don't know how many times this needs said but just in case you didn't hear me the first time let me repeat myself. DON'T SELL ARC's.  

Instead, if you don't want an ARC, trade it, give it away, heck make it into Art for all anyone cares but don't sell it. It's not cool, it angers Authors, it makes you a jerk and it hurts the rest of us who aren't greedy little asshats looking to profiteer off someone else's back. 

Now that you've read my confession, Tell me some of yours:

What do you think about Bad Bloggers? 
Do you have any tips of your own?

Leave your responses in the comments below, I love reading them. Have a question? Leave that as well and I'll try and answer it.
That about wraps up this weeks confessions from a blogger.  Thanks for stopping by and reading,sharing, or commenting on this post. As always, it is appreciated.


  1. These are great! I'd also like to add, when at a trade show, you're not only representing yourself, but all bloggers, so act appropriate. At BEA15, bloggers literally ran to the TOR booth for TRUTHWITCH tickets. That made me cringe. Also, when at a trade show, only take the ARCs that you are going to read and review. Get your grabby hands out of here. Take what you can commit to reading and reviewing, only take one (if you're friends aren't here, don't grab one for them, they miss out.), and DEFINITELY don't take ARCs just to sell them or put the up for trade on Twitter. Ugh, sorry I'm ranting, but there are bloggers who give the rest of us really bad names. It all seems to center around ARCs. I'm planning a post on my blog very soon about the ugly ARC problem.

    Elizabeth at Book YAbber

    1. It's always been an issue, I've talked about it before even but it seems as a newer generation of bloggers arises it is becoming maybe more noticeable?

  2. I would never complain about receiving books. Even when they are unsolicited. However, if I didn't like a book and someone asks me my opinion on it, I'm not going to lie to them and say I loved it when I didn't. With that being said though, any time I get a bound galley, I always post a picture of it on Twitter and FB before I even crack that bad-boy open just to give it a little attention. I appreciate it when publishers send me books, especially the bound galleys since those cost a lot more money to produce and mail out than just electronically sending met the ebook. I suppose I don't fully understand #5. Maybe I've never come across what you witnessed. I don't know if you are referring to someone disliking the books content and writing such in a review or simply just making fun a book they received that they either got on request or unsolicited.

    As for selling ARCs... I don't get that. I usually give mine away in giveaways since my library can't accept them since they are not finalized copies.

    1. I guess I should edit it a little. It's intended for those who complain they don't get a finalized copy of the book. You know how ARC's sometimes go. They'll send out one in a generic wrapping with minimal design because the book won't hit shelves for another 6 months still.

  3. I saw someone selling ARCs earlier today. It always amazes me.

  4. Yup, pretty much. I can't even think of anything to add to your list. Unless we start getting into book conventions like BEA, where you always hear stories about bloggers biting others to get their place in line to get a coveted ARC...

    1. Really? I guess I haven't paid close enough attention to the convention scene. How crazy!


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