Restaurant Review: Old School Bagel Cafe

OK, I know what you're probably saying to yourself "Why the heck is she reviewing a restaurant on a primarily Book and Movie blog?" Well, honestly, the experience pissed me off so much that I felt obligated to talk about it. I realize this review will only impact a very small percentage of you as I don't believe this is a National Chain. However, for those that this could affect, I realize this is only one experience and should I try them again in the future that opinion may change. So let's get on with the review:
3723 s peoria
Tulsa,OK 74105

Old School Bagel Cafe is a spot that I've wanted to try for ages but just never could seem to find time to stop at. The Cafe is always swarmed with people and the cars usually wrap around the parking lot making pulling into it near impossible most days. Even as a pedestrian, it took several death defying minutes to cross the street and make it safely inside.

Once inside The Old School Bagel Cafe I was hit with the smell of fresh baked bagels and boy, did they smell delicious. Since it was my first time at the Cafe I stepped to the side to check out the menu. I admit, I was a bit overwhelmed by the options. Sandwiches seem to be the big draw here but I just wanted some bagels and a coffee to chow on. Once I found the bagels and selected a cream cheese I stepped in line to order. The cashier greeted me warmly enough but when I started asking question his mood soured quite quickly. First, I order the bagels. Since 4 of us were eating I ordered 1/2 a dozen. One for each of us and two to take home. I asked for them toasted and he said "We don't do that for bagels ordered this way." I titled my head like "Seriously?" but shrugged it off. I was starving, had a table waiting, leaving wasn't an option. Next I asked if the coffee came both hot and cold as it wasn't listed. He stated that the expresso comes chilled. So I say "Great! Four Grandes made Mocha." He says "Which coffee would you like?" Now I just asked which coffee came cold and he only offered me Expresso as an option. Again, I looked at him queerly and he goes "So 4 Iced Lattes." At this point, I am starting to get a little huffy. Either he is a troll or he has the memory of a goldfish. So we wrap up the order and I say "This is for here." He goes "For here?" I nod and we ring up the total. I paid and he hands me the number for my order. I ask for a receipt and he huffs "We don't give those for cash." I said "Well, I need one." So he hits a tab on the screen and prints one off.

Now I know what you're thinking "Maybe he was just in a rush?" I don't believe that, I watched him with other customers and he quite happily rang them up. So anyway, my order finally comes out. The drinks are in a carrier and my bagels were tied in a plastic bag with the cream cheese inside. The guy puts them on my table and I said "This was for here." He mumbles an apology and turns and walks away. I ask for plates and silverware. He brings me back one for four people,no knife and scurries off. So I mumble something not quite nice and  get up to search for one. After laying out napkins for everyone to eat we tuck in. The food was great. Sure, the bagels needed toasting but the overall quality was undeniably good. The coffee, whatever we received was great as well. However, my entire experience was soured by awful customer service. Will I go back? Probably not. Shame too since they are the only place I've found in town with onion bagels.

With that being said, I'll be reviewing The Old School Bagel Cafe a measly ★★.

*This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated by the business for providing them.


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