Review: Slipway Grey by Mark C. Scioneaux & Dane Hatchell

Author: Mark C. Scioneaux & Dane Hatchell
Genre: Young Adult, Horror
Publisher: Evil Jester Press
Publication Date: October 16, 2013

As blood stains the sugar white sands of Pensacola Beach, mysterious disappearances plague the area. But this doesn't stop a group of high school seniors from having one last blowout at an exclusive beach mansion before graduation.

But Mandy, the party's host, has plans of her own. With a special friend, a massive bull shark she befriended as a child, Mandy plans to work through her teen angst the only way she knows how: with the help of massive jaws and an insatiable appetite for human flesh!

Slipway Grey is a book that I have had kicking around in my closet for a couple of years now. I don't really remember how the book came to be in my possession but I'm pretty sure it was won through a giveaway of some sort. With Shark Week fast approaching I needed something to put me in the mood and Slipway Grey was the book to fit the bill. 

One of the things I really liked about the story was the premise. Sure,the story read like a bad Syfy film but that's what made it worth the read. The story was the perfect blend of B Movie slasher horror and Teen angst. The characters all fit into their respective roles perfectly and while it was predictable how things would turn out that didn't deter from the fun to be had along the way. 

I also really liked the Shark. He's just looking for minions to do his bidding and fill his belly. You can't blame him for that. I would however like to know more about him. Was he a science experiment gone wrong or was the shark really just a shark and the humans projecting all their fears onto him? That was really never made clear but I suspect it is the latter. 

Lastly, I really liked how quick the story was despite all the plot holes because of it. If I'm being honest it wasn't until I had time to sit and ponder the events in the book that I realized how much information was truly missing from the story. Is that a credit to the writing or just my love for the B Movie premise? I'm still undecided on that one. 

Overall, Slipway Grey is a fun little title that is perfect for the poolside. Sure, it could be longer and the characters fleshed out more but for what it is, I enjoyed it.   

With that being said, I'll be rating Slipway Grey by Mark C. Scioneaux & Dane Hatchell ★★.

 *Copy owned by me.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in an which way  for providing them.

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Mark C. Scioneaux is a Bram Stoker Award® nominated editor and author.

He is the author of numerous short stories appearing in various anthologies. He is the author of THE BONE HUNTER, FAMILY DINNER, SLIPWAY GREY and INSURGENT Z. He is also coauthor of the "Splattire Series" with books that include CANNIBAL FAT CAMP and DIE, YOU ZOMBIE CRACKERS!. HORROR FOR GOOD: A CHARITABLE ANTHOLOGY is an award-nominated anthology for charity he co-edited.

He is a graduate of Louisiana State University and currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dane Hatchell was born and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He works in the manufacturing industry by the shores of the Mississippi River.

He is the author of the novel: Lost World of Patagonia, RESURRECTION X, the collection: MIND HEMORRHAGES, co-author of the novella: SLIPWAY GREY, and the novel: INSURGENT Z and THE DARK TIMES. Multiple short stories by Dane have appeared in various anthologies over the last few years.


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