Zurvival Saturday (125) : Bite Sized Movie Reviews: Humans vs. Zombies & Bad Meat

Hey ya'll, I'm back this week with some bite sized movie reviews! This past week I watched two new to me Zombie flicks on Hulu and Crackle. Both films were special in their own ways. I'm not sure I'd really recommend either but they weren't so bad that I'd write them off entirely as wastes of time.

First up, I watched  Humans vs. Zombies
Release Date: November 2011

My Thoughts:  This film started out pretty much in B-Movie territory. The acting was subpar and the cinematography looked like it came from a rented camera that might have been abused in the past. The story in and of itself wasn't bad. In short, students on summer break are exposed to a deadly virus that is spread rapidly through direct human contact. Naturally being college kids a LOT of human contact happens thus spreading the virus rapidly. I think this film could have been better if it had a bigger budget but it definitely felt done on the cheap. I also really did not like the characters. Part of it was the actors themselves and the rest was that they just weren't scripted well. 

In the end I gave this film ★★★.

Next up, I watched a film called , Bad Meat  
Release Date: March 26, 2013

My Thoughts: Bad Meat was a film I actually put on to fall asleep to. However, within the first few moments I was hooked. No, this film isn't good but it has a troma-esque charm to it that provided many things to laugh at. Supposedly the film lost budgeting halfway and so that explains a lot of the technical and continuity errors found. Now although this wasn't great, the acting by the "teenage" cast isn't bad. Elisabeth Harnois,Jessica Parker Kennedy and Dave Franco all did fine with the dialogue they had to work with and they played their respective roles well.  The Adults on the other hand were just OK. I guess they were fine considering how their characters acted but was I sad any of them died? Nope, not at all.  I only wish this film had a more satisfying conclusion. I really wanted a definite answer to who the person in the bandages was but due to the budgeting and its straight to DVD release I doubt we ever will. 

In the end I give this one a split rating ★★★★ for acting and special effects & ★★ for the story and its resolution.

Out of curiosity, Have you heard of these films? 
If you have, Which one was your favorite?

 Leave me your answers in the comments below or feel free to tweet me them @Hermyoni  

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