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When it comes to Non-Fiction I actually do tend to read quite a bit of it. Since I was a young child I've read dozens of books focusing on plagues and zoonotic diseases. I find the subject matter fascinating and of course anyone who knows me can see the direct correlation between those and my love of Zombies as well. Some of my  favorites include:

One of my all time favorite Non-Fiction books on the subject is called The Hot Zone. If you've never read it you're missing out. The book is an eye opening account of what could happen if a deadly virus escaped amongst the populace. Think Stephen King's The Stand or Robin Cook's Outbreak except you know this time it is real.

In the same vein as books about diseases and plagues I  also tend to gravitate toward Non-Fiction books based on Disasters. Although don't you dare try to put Alive in this list. I loathe that book with a fiery vengeance. Being forced to read it over and over each year for school does that to a person *eye twitch*. Some of my favorites include:

I also love books like Carl Sagan's Cosmos. After watching the series on Netflix last year I knew I had to read the book. It is filled with gorgeous illustrations and surprisingly easy to understand.

Lastly, I have to mention Non-Fiction based on people. Which is probably what most readers think of when they see Non-Fiction. I don't tend to read these as much as the subjects above but I do still find some enjoyable so figured I'd mention them. Some of my favorites include:

These are just some of the books I have littering my non fiction shelves. I actually didn't realize how many I had until I went through and checked. I even found some I forgot I had purchased. Yay, new books to read!!

Do you read Non-Fiction? If so, Do you have a favorite book?
If no, Why not?
Have a Non-Fiction recommendation, leave it in the comments below!


  1. I read very little non-fiction because it's quite hard for me to get into and right now I'm more into YA. I'm not exactly at that point of time where I'm interested in non-fiction though I do find some of the books fascinating.

    The Hot Zone definitely sounds quite interesting!

    1. The Hot Zone reads like a thriller and of course being one of my favorites I highly recommend.

  2. I adore nonfiction. You've listed a bunch that I haven't read. I'm going to have to look into them! Thanks!

  3. I think the closest non-fiction book I have to your theme here is The World Without Us, which I absolutely loved, but in actual fact it's more of a history book about the impact of humans on the planet, as well as a bit about how things are made and how they break down. To me it's all absolutely fascinating and I learned so much I never knew about before!

    I have that same Marie Antoinette book but I really don't read biographies so I don't yet feel motivated to read it! I want to learn about her more but I struggle with boredom when reading bios.

    Here's my post on non-fiction

    1. I've wanted to read The World Without Us as it reminds me of Life After People which is one of my most favorite History Channel shows ever.

  4. The Hot Zone creeped me out so much and I loved it!


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