Halloween Favorites!

Happy Halloween all you Goblins and Ghouls. I figured it being Halloween and all that I'd share some of my Favorite Scary books and movies with you.  I reach for these year after year and although I know them by heart by now no Halloween Season is complete without reading or viewing them.  In no particular order here is a small sampling of some of my Favorites!

I loved these Scary Stories as a kid and still love the to this day. They were actually scary and even now I still get tingles up the back of my neck reading it. Just make sure if you buy the book it is an older edition cause the newer ones don't have those super creepy illustrations in them that made me fall in love with the book in the first place.

Let's face it half of Stephen King's body of work could be on this list but the one that has stuck with me the longest and to this day has the ability to scare the crap out of me is IT. The character of Pennywise is brilliant don't get me wrong but he is also responsible for my Coulrophobia that I have today. Still I simply love this book and it is my go to when I need a good scare!

Not only is Hocus Pocus one of my Favorite Halloween films but it is also one of my Favorite movies of all time as well!! Sure this film is cheesy wrapped in a side of crackers but it is also a classic and a Halloween Season would simply not be complete without viewing this film at least once!

Ah, Sam probably one of the most memorable characters ever created. If you haven't seen Trick'r Treat you're missing out. This film is filled with several interwoven stories and can best be described as Goosebumps for adults. Simply put it is awesome and best of all a sequel was just announced a few days ago which has me super excited!! 

OK it is sort of a given that this film would be on the list but c'mon it's Halloween. Do I really need to explain why I watch this each year?

  What are some of your favorite Halloween books or films?
Do you Trick or Treat on Halloween or prefer to party it up?
If you do celebrate what are you dressing up as?

I hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween however you celebrate!


  1. This is such a great list. I have to admit I have never been able to make it through reading IT. Somehow reading it makes it way more scary, I have watched more times than I could count though.

    1. Tim Curry as Pennywise is the stuff of nightmares but......I do believe the book is scarier and part of that is because the book didn't have to censor itself whereas the movie did.


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