Booking Through Thursday (41) Multi-Tasking & Hated Books

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This Week BTT Asks:
Do you do other things while you read? Watch TV? Cook? Brush your teeth? Knit?

Unless I'm reading at night and trying not to wake my husband I usually have something going on as I'm reading. I'm a big muti-tasker so I'll find time to read whatever I'm doing be it cooking, taking a bath, watching TV, biking (Audiobooks come in handy) walking, you name it and I've probably done it while reading. I'm especially bad when on the phone. Most of the time the conversation bores me (I know I'm awful but in defense I hate talking on the phone) so I'll be reading my latest book and just sort of grunting at appropriate moments when expected. Let's be reasonable though, if the task is even slightly dangerous it's best to put the book down.

Last Week BTT Asked:
If there was one book you could make sure nobody ever read again, What would it be? Why?

Ooo just one?? Hmm OK then.... As tempting as it is to say Twilight I actually can't say it was so awful that nobody should read it ever again. However, I do have a book that fits that bill and it is one I reviewed back in 2012 called Ninja Versus Pirate featuring Zombies. The book was so awful and the plot filled with so much  nonsense that I could actually advocate all copies being destroyed and or recycled and not feel the least bit bad about it. Even to this day I'll sometimes come across the cover online and all the memories of how awful the book was rush back leaving me slightly queasy.  I am genuinely shocked whenever I find someone who actually read and liked it and am convinced they only say so as to spare the poor Authors feelings.  Anyway that would be my choice hands down 


Now for my questions:
Do you Multi-Task while reading?
What is your worst mult-task reading habit?
 Do you have any books you wish you could make disappear?

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