Movie Review: The Lego Movie

Director(s): Phil Lord & Chris Miller
Genre: Action, Animated Comedy
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Run Time: 101 Minutes
Rated: PG

An ordinary LEGO minifigure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe together. 

Movie Review
The Lego Movie is one I've wanted to see for a long time now so naturally I went into the film with some pretty big expectations. Long story short, not only were my expectations met but they were blown completely out of the water. From it's incredible animation, to the acting of all those involved I simply couldn't be any happier when it came to this film. 

One of the absolute best parts of this film for me was the plot. I loved how the writers tied everything all together. Sure the Lego World inhabitants were a large part of the film but the scope of their existence including the choices they made transcended worlds. Truly, I never saw the "twist" coming but when all was revealed I was amazed at how much forethought went into things.

Another thing I really enjoyed were the characters. Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) was awesome. He was like the best parts of Michael Keaton and Christian Bale's Batman characters combined. I could easily watch a whole Lego Movie centered on his character *hint,hint tptb*. I also really loved Unikitty (voiced by Allison Brie) such a fun side character. She was my daughters favorite as well. I also have to hand it to Elizabeth Banks as WyldStyle and Morgan Freeman as Vitruvius they were great in their respected roles. But above all I really have to commend Chris Pratt who played the lead character Emmett. His voice acting was so generic sounding that I spent the better part of the film trying to figure out who voiced him (I really thought it might've been one of the Wilson bros. tbh) yet, that unbelievably is what ended up selling me on Emmett being this blank slate, no personality of his own character. Good job dude.

Lastly, I have to hand it to amazing animation team who worked on this film. When the waves were crashing during the pirate scene the collective gasp from the adult members in the audience was audible above all the action going on in the background. That entire sequence was stunning to behold and you deserve a big clap on the back for making it look so effortless. If you want to learn more about this films process I'd suggest checking out this article from Time. It's crazy the amount of Lego bricks that went into making the film.

Final Thoughts 
While the Lego Movie might hold appeal for the younger members of the Audience this film was definitely made with the Adult fans in mind. Whether your a new fan or are a master builder in your own right, I highly recommend checking this film out! With that being said, I'll be rating The Lego Movie ★★★★. After all, Everything is awesome and that's just how I like it.


  1. I still remember last summer when I saw the first preview for this, and me and my daughter turned to each other and squee'd a little bit. I've yet to take her, but I'm sure we'll see it over Spring Break if not sooner. Super happy to see your 5 stars...I just know this is going to be such a fun movie!

  2. Sounds like a fun movie. My husband and 19 year old son are at the theatre RIGHT NOW watching this. I'm sure they'll enjoy it.

  3. I have seen the posters for this movie around but I don't think it's been in our cinemas yet. Maybe I've missed it. Anyhow it sounds so good and actually more adult I thought. Great review :)

  4. It was great! I hope you get to see it in theaters.


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