Zurvival Saturday (123) Top 5 worst places to survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever wondered how you'd fare if you woke up tomorrow and the Zombie Apocalypse had actually happened? Yeah, me too. We'd all like to think we'd survive but in all actuality some people will have it much easier than others. As the real estate market likes to say, it is all about location,location,location!

Last year the people over at Career Builder tirelessly had their number crunchers pour over data and they came up with a list of the best and worst places to live should a Zombie Apocalypse indeed happen. Not Surprisingly New York City came out on top of that one. If you'd like to read that article you can do so by clicking here. However, while that list certainly was interesting I wanted to broaden my horizons a bit more and include cities from various contents not just those in the US. Using a variety of factors in my decision,  here's what I came up with.

5.) Honolulu, Hawaii - At first glance Hawaii seems like the ideal place to live during a Zombie Apocalypse with its temperate climate, out of the way location and plenty of food to eat (hello ocean bounty) but dig a little deeper and set your minds to morbid because Hawaii is a deathtrap waiting to happen. Think about it, traffic in Honolulu is a nightmare at the best of times, now add in millions of fleeing islanders and the term gridlock will take on a whole new term. All the zombies will have to do is walk down the expressway chowing down on stuck passengers to their hearts content. Also Hawaii is isolated meaning you have nowhere to go once the island is overrun. Planes and boats will only be around the first few days with those smart leaving at first bite. Unless you know how to make your own flotation device you will most likely be stuck. Lastly, Honolulu is home to several military bases. You'd think that would be a good thing but let's speculate some. Say this particular Zombie outbreak is man made. China in its quest for dominance has created this virus to wipe out only Americans. Most likely that means they will send in ground troops to destroy any resistance. Not only will you have to contend with Zombies but now the remaining military is embroiled in a War as well. I think I'd rather take my chances elsewhere.

4.) Dehli, India - If Human right violations, pollution, congestion and traffic don't put you off how about the fact that this city consistently lists as one of the worst places to live not only in the country but the entire world. Add the walking dead into the mix and if the sheer numbers of Delhi's population don't kill you, unsanitary living conditions and a grievous lack of non potable water just might.

3.) Barrow, Alaska - Perched at the edge of the Arctic Ocean, one might think Barrow would be the perfect place to hole up and outlive the Zombie Apocalypse. Not only would the Zombies freeze in the Winter making them easier to dispose of come spring thaw but it is also very remote. In fact, Barrow is so remote it is not connected by road to the rest of Alaska, even though it is the economic center of those living in and around the North Slope. So why would Barrow be a bad place then? One word, climate. Barrow might be remote and it might have an abundance of fresh water springs and wildlife to survive off of but the climate is harsh and unless you've lived their all your life your average urban city dweller would find it very hard adjusting to this new lifestyle. On average, Barrow’s high temperature is above freezing only 120 days per year and come November once the sit doesn’t rise again for 65 days. Lastly if the Polar Bears, Moose, Bears or Zombies don't kill you, the vampires just might!

2.) San Pedro Sula, Honduras -  Now I don't really know why any sane person would visit this city in the first place but say you happen to be visiting on business and unfortunately you timed it right at the start of the Zombie Apocalypse. As a survivor you might think that the cities temperate climate, abundance of tropical food and it's heavily armed police presence might help you survive but if the Zombies don't kill you the citizens probably will. San Pedro Sula is the world's most dangerous city and the murder capital of the world. That police presence that might at first be comforting is born out of necessity. Greed, corruption and gangs run the city and that likely isn't going to stop just because some Zombies invade it. Best thing you do if you find yourself stuck is too flee because sticking around is an almost certain death sentence.

1.) Damascus, Syria - Let's be honest, most middle eastern cities embroiled in conflict could easily land on this list so you might be asking why did I single out Damascus? Well, Damascus has been at the heart of the current migration of refugees fleeing the country due to civil war. While the young and healthy flee, those too weak for the journey remain making your chances of finding anyone healthy enough to help fight off hordes slim to none. Now, while Civil War doesn't automatically equal a bad enough reason to fear being stuck in a city during the Zombie apocalypse, Damascus's ruling terrorist organizations and its treatment of women at even the best of times might. I don't know about you but I don't want to wind up as a sex slave just so I can be protected by criminals who have the means to fight off the undead.

Well there you go, my Top 5 list of places to survive should a Zombie Apocalypse happen. If you're wondering how I came up with my list, I took into account things like Population Density, Location, Pre-Zombies livability and Infrastructure.

Out of curiosity, Do you agree with my list above? 
If no, Why?
What cities would you take away or add?
Have any others to share? Link them below!

 Leave me your answers in the comments below or feel free to tweet me them @Hermyoni  

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